Certificate Le Due Impronte – GoWine 2024

Our company has obtained the recognition of Le Due Impronte in the new edition of the guide Cantine d’Italia 2024Guida per l’Enoturista that was presented last Thursday, November 30 in Milan at the Hotel MeliĆ .

A total of 262 “Impronte Go Wine” in the 2024 edition: they represent a sign of “excellence” in the field of National Enotourism and constitute a kind of ideal sign that Go Wine attributes to the wineries that have achieved a high score in the overall evaluation of site, reception and production profile.
These are the three factors on which the presentation of the individual wineries is composed and on which they are assessed.
Site: the place where the winery is located, looking also at the winery itself from the architectural point of view; but also site to be understood as the total heritage of vineyards that the winery has.
Welcome: the vocation of the winery to “open” outside the public with a parallel activity, both in the receptive area: farmhouse, B & B or catering, both carrying out cultural initiatives that are addressed to the outside world.
Wine: the production profile of the company evaluated over time, beyond the outcome of a single harvest; taking into account the character of the production, the excellence of some labels, the particular care towards specific types of wines.