Tastings in the heart of the Roero

Frazione Tre Rivi – Loc. Bordoni Bassi
12040 Monteu Roero (CN)
Email: giuseppe@negroangelo.it

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On this hill, around the year 1000, Pulciano Castle stood with the Church of San Giorgio inside. It was the first settlement in the village of Monteu Roero and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The soils, facing south and situated at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level, are composed of calcareous clay, with layers of gray marl.

After three years of renovations done with great care for the original structure, we have restored dignity and value to this magical place, hidden for too many years by weeds and grass.

Here where our grandmother Dina used to play with her 10 brothers and sisters, where all the children of the town gathered to celebrate Easter … here today there is newfound harmony between nature, heaven and earth. Ciabot San Giorgio is the heart and soul of our family just as it was for Grandma Dina, bringing new strength and energy.

Travelers, pilgrims, foreigners, and locals alike are welcome.
Pause, enjoy our ROERO, listen to the sounds and delight in the aromas of this hill that recalls antiquity, many distant stories, and infinite sunsets…
And after more than 100 years…WELCOME BACK to Ciabot San Giorgio!!!