“In the vineyard ecosystem, everything changes and nothing is lost, because life flourishes with change…”

Having always promoted sustainable viticulture with respect for the territory, we have been applying the earthworm farming technique in our vineyards for years and this has become an important part of a production philosophy.

We are convinced that it is essential to reduce the environmental impact and preserve soil health as the quality of our wines depends on it.

In recent decades, extensive use of chemical fertilisers and single crop cultivation have stressed and reduced the production capacity of the soils, impoverishing them organically.
With this in mind, we have chosen a natural, 100% organic fertiliser for our vineyards, made from earthworm castings, which represent a valid alternative to chemical products to maintain and restore soil fertility.

Earthworm humus (or worm compost) is a natural organic treatment rich in enzymes and micro-organisms that are essential to the nourishment of the ground.

The slow release of the nutrients and the balance of the organic elements supply a favourable environment which is ideal for abundant production, improves the consistency of the soil and encourages better water retention. Furthermore, thanks to its practical distribution in the vineyard, earthworm humus enables considerable savings in terms of time and labour. It improves the characteristics of the soil, representing a valid aid against impoverishment and the consequent desertification, as well as making the crops more resistant to attack by insects and parasites.

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