We have been cultivating vineyards on the Roero hills since 1670, and we work to fully interpret the potential of this corner of Piedmont, dedicating our wines to prestigious native grape varieties, enhancing the identity of each one.

Angelo Negro e Figli

The passion that fuels our work and the relationship of love and respect that link us so closely to the area are rooted deeply in the past. Ours is a historical family, proud of its roots and of the fact that it has custody of a precious heritage of knowledge and traditions.

An excerpt of a land register, found in the archives of the municipality of Monteu Roero, offers evidence of the over three centuries of history that bind us to these lands.
It says that, in 1670, “Giovanni Dominico Negro, son of Audino” was owner, in the same area which now houses the Perdaudin estate with its prestigious vineyards, of a house with an oven, a yard, cellar and vines.

Estratto terreni - Azienda Agricola Angelo Negro e Figli

Gio Dominico Negro fu Audino tiene:
At Bricco della Val d’Aiello, a house with farmhouse, oven, yard, vegetable garden, meadow and
vines together with the heirs Oddino Negro, Secondo Musso, G. Matteo Sandri,
heirs Tibaldo del Tetto, Giovanni Vignola, bordering with Margherita
Negro; 146 tavole, near the building, yard and meadow in 10 quarti: 2 soldi 5 denari
4 vineyards giornate, 68 tavole, i.e.: 1 giornata at the end towards the shared
road with 9 quarti and the rest with 1 quarti: 7 soldi, 7 ½ denari
Transcription of the excerpt from the land register – Municipality of Monteu Roero, 1664-1670

Azienda Agricola Angelo Negro e Figli - Azienda storica nel Roero
Angelo Negro “Angelin”, second from the right in the picture

It was right here, in the old Audino Estate, that, at the beginning of the 20th century, Angelo Negro, known as “Angelin”, owner of a small farmhouse, was born.
In the beginning, he didn’t have much: two hectares of land with an annual production of barely 15 demijohns. But tenacity and spirit of sacrifice gave results when Giovanni decided to follow his father’s footsteps with passion, realizing the dream of building a cellar in which to produce the wine from the hills where he was born.

Azienda Agricola Angelo Negro e Figli - Vini del RoeroThe decision to focus on native grape varieties vinified with traditional methods and the constant attention to quality gave good results: from the 1980s, the wines of Azienda Agricola Angelo Negro & Figli began to collect successes, first in Italy and then internationally.

In the course of time the cellar grew, conquering successfully new markets and becoming a reference model for the area. Everything still continues to be run at family level: Giovanni Negro is flanked by his wife Maria Elisa and their four children, Gabriele, Angelo, Emanuela and Giuseppe, who have all enthusiastically adopted the same philosophy.

The estate now includes almost 70 hectares of vineyard, distributed among :

– the historical Cascina Perdaudin in Monteu Roero, Cascina San Vittore in Canale “ROERO”;

– Cascina Basarin in Neive “BARBARESO”;

– Cascina Baudana, in the municipality of Serralunga d’Alba “BAROLO”.

The excellent position, different soils and micro-climates, and the meticulous work in the vineyards and in the cellar, produce very well-defined wines full of character, known and appreciated all over the world.

The staff:

Giovanni Negro – Owner
Maria Elisa Gatti – Head of hospitality and winery tours
Gabriele Negro – Agronomist
Angelo Negro – Oenologist
Emanuela Negro – Head of administration
Giuseppe Negro – Head of sales