The vineyard, located in the municipality of Neive, was once owned by the local parish priest (Monsù don Cogno).

Planted in 1951, it is now one of the oldest Barbaresco vineyards in Neive, with an average vine age of 60 years.

The soil is white, calcareous marl with veins of sand, and the vineyard sits at an altitude of 350 metres above sea level, exposed south.
The particular soil and climatic characteristics produce well-structured wines with an elegant character, from which spicy and balsamic notes emerge.
The grapes are harvested by hand and placed in 20 kg crates to preserve their quality.

The grapes cultivated in this vineyard are used to make Barbaresco DOCG Basarin and Barbaresco DOCG Riserva Basarin, our estate’s finest wines.

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