The vineyard is situated in Monteu Roero, on the hill once known as “Pulciano”. The first settlement of the village was built here, in around the year 1000. Just a few houses below Pulciano Castle and the Church of San Giorgio.

Today, these memories are visible in a little “ciabot” (outhouse) on the hilltop, made of the blocks of stone used to convey stability to the castle and the church.
The soils, exposed towards the south and located at an altitude of 280 metres above sea level, consist of calcareous-clay, with layers of grey marl.

We carried out extensive research enabling mass selection of the oldest clones of Nebbiolo, which were subsequently planted in these vineyards. All the knowledge of the Negro family can be found here; years of experience and technical evolution which has succeeded in obtaining the very best from this grape variety.

The grapes cultivated in this vineyard are used to make our Roero DOCG Riserva San Giorgio, a wine with good longevity and outstanding complexity and structure, intensely balsamic with pronounced tannins.

Wines produced in this Additional Geographic Mention